Firearms transfer service information

Maryland's gun laws are numerous and complicated to say the least.  We are constantly fielding questions regarding the process and legality of gun transfers into and out of the state.  Whether purchasing firearms or moving into or out of state with existing firearms, regulations require registration in most cases.  Maryland law states that all handgun and regulated long gun transfers whether new or used be subject to state and federal background checks.  Regulated long guns include assault-type weapons such as the the AK-47 and the Colt AR-15.   Further, Maryland has several criteria that must be met in order to make a firearm "Maryland Compliant".

Another consideration is the paperwork required to purchase regulated firearms in Maryland.  In order to begin the registration paperwork, applicants must have one of the following prerequisites:

If none of the aforementioned conditions apply, applicants are required to take a Maryland certified firearms training course.  Here's a link to the online course.

Note: Due to what we consider a conflict of interest we are not willing to transfer new firearms that are available for us to order and sell.  This includes special ordered firearms that may be on a temporary backorder status. We transfer used and hard to find firearms only!

 Considering all the rules, regulations and red tape it's easy to see how things can quickly get out of hand.  Unfortunately, the days of handing out signed copies of the FFL are long gone.  For these reasons it's imperative that all transfers be reviewed and approved on an individual basis.  Please call us at (301)829-0122 or email to get this process started.  If approved, your transfer will be assigned a tracking number to allow for a clean and efficient transfer.


Handgun or regulated long gun $45.00 + $10.00 state fee  $55.00 total **

Non-regulated long gun $35.00 **

** The addition of approved safety locking devices may incur additional fees.
Also, be aware that Maryland law requires us to collect 6% sales tax on any out-of-state transfer containing an invoice stating a sales price.